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Tip of the Month – July 2022

Increase feed supply in stable on time.

Despite the beautiful growing season, the quality of grass is slowly deteriorating. Where you could count on 13 – 15 kg of DM with more than 1000 VEM this spring, this is now a full kg less with often more than (> 100) less VEM. And certainly when cows also have to be outside during the day with warm weather, the intake is often much lower. The desired grass intake of 1 kg ds per hour is therefore no longer achieved. Maybe some hours in the evening.
That means now, July, there is just another 2 – 3  kg ds of high-energy feed extra needed in the stable!

And do not feed this before about 11 o’clock. This ensures that cows find it too hot to graze on time go to the stable, shade, robot, and still eat and visit sufficiently.

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Tip of the Month – June 2022

Turn off the robot.

It is always good to turn the robot off and on again on a regular basis.
Especially with the V300, it is very important that the robot remains off for at least 10 minutes after shutting down. So go do another job in the meantime, otherwise it will take so long…

But the PC also has to be turned off and on regularly.
Even lists that have been open for too long can still retain old, and therefore incorrect, data, despite being updated or updated.
So close those lists, and everything often works a lot fresher!

Tip of the Month – May 2022

Milk permission for grazing.

When you use a separation gate for grazing or use the milking robot to select the cows to go to the pasture it can be wise to set the Milking Permission slightly lower, so that more cows are milked before going outside. We prefer to do this than blocking cows for example 2 hours before milking permission to go outside, while they are also not allowed to be milked.

Make sure that they have enough milk in their udders for good milking.