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Tip of the Month – November 2022

Sufficient pressure on water hose.

In almost every robot room there is a water sprayer and there is a place where a brush, cloth, roll of soft paper, cleaning agent such as antikal and other frequently used cleaning material.
If it’s close by and works well, it’s more likely to be used.

Very often there is only little pressure on the water hose or is too short, so when you rinse it you only clean it half, or half far.
“It doesn’t matter, I’ll go over it every now and then with the pressure washer”…

Nevertheless, it works very pleasantly if there is sufficient pressure, because at the intervals, cleaning quickly, you keep track of it much better. And when you rinse the VMS cups and frame (daily?) with a car wash brush, it is nice if enough water comes out!

Perhaps the high-pressure sprayer is needed just a little less often, which is good for the printed circuit boards and other vulnerable parts…

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Tip of the Month – October 2022

MDi in Animal info column.

For example, when you open the Status screen, Cow Monitor or a cow card, there is a column on the left with the animal data. It contains the most important information about the clicked cow. It’s interesting to adjust it sometimes.

When you right-click in this column, “Customize Animal info” will appear.
By clicking on this you can see which data is checked and therefore shown now.

The unchecked animal data also includes, for example, “Last MDI”. When you right-click on it, “Show Report items” will appear. Then it will be checked and will be shown after “Refresh” in the Animal Info list.

It also says “Avg. MdI Last 3 days”. You can also right-click these and add them to list item.
These are interesting numbers to make it easier to see increases or decreases in MDi.

With the blue arrow above the list item you can also move the additions to the desired height.

If you like to use the Animal name of your cows, it is nice to add it here as well.
Or “Number of inseminations” or…..

It may also be useful and clearer if you “Hide Report Item(s)” that you do not use or view in the list item.

Tip of the Month – September 2022

Checking recently calved cows.

This website has often been tipped off about paying attention to fresh cows.

In addition to regularly doing the 2-Minute Check, it is also good to sort daily in the Status list by DIL (Days In Lactation). Then the newly calved cows at the top. You can immediately see whether the expected milk yield was  -far-  above 100% at the last milking.

When you open the animal card by double-clicking the top cow and open the “Milking” tab, choose “Yields” and then “Blood and Conductivity” (At least for the last 7 days + today), you will immediately see when was her last milking, how often she is coming to the VMS already and whether all teats are milked properly, how the conductivity is going and whether the blood values ​​are dropping nicely.

With the green arrow (next to printpreview, printer and page setup) you can go to the next cow that you have sorted by DIL.