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December 2021:

Helping by Service is instructive.

Try to be present as often as possible when a service is being done.
Not only can you help make this turn go smoother, but you learn from it every time!

And in the meantime, with a simple chat, something often comes up that both you or the mechanic run into and which may or may not be prevented differently.


April 2020:

Get Tips on your phone & How to remotely view DelPro together

It is useful to create a shortcut on your phone, “app”, which will take you straight to the Tip of the Month.

Do this by looking up the Tip of the Month on the phone via Google, for example via

With Android, you will see 3 dots at the top right, if you press on this, various options will appear, including “Add to home screen”. If you press this you can add this page, if desired with logo.

With iOS (Apple), you also look up the Tip of the Month page. Click on the square icon with the arrow pointing upwards at the bottom, then click on “Add to Home screen”. It will now be added as an “app” on your home screen.

More information and older Tips can of course be found under menu or in the categories.


October 2013:

Questions about possibilities, skills with VMS

Currently I visit more at dairies that work with the VMS of DeLaval for several years now, through the Vitality package and also through direct requests. These visits are useful because the dairyman doesn’t meet a lot of “broad-based sparring partners” on the overall herd management. You can accomplish a lot with the combination of a milking robot and a computer, this is a fact. Knowing that not everything is being used is also a fact.

A milking robot can’t do everything, it’s a machine and not a human being.

It also occurs that a dairyman, sometimes for years, just thinks that this is something he just has to deal with, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

What do you run into occasionally and what are your most frequent questions about VMS milking and its possibilities or impossibilities?

=> Put these questions on mail to harry@harrytuinier.nl

You have paid for the program, so you can also use it!


June 2012:

Read back previous tips.

It is now June 2012 and that means there are now 2 years’ Tips of the Month “on this site.

And DeLaval itself has not been idle as well. In particular, the latest generation robot has become even more reliable, and further developments, which is supported by the program DelPro, gives many opportunities to score with your cows!

And when you have been using a VMS milking for more years, you have the option to choose whether you want to use the latest developments or not.

I would therefore make the statement that when you are using a DeLaval VMS your cows have to give more milk than before, with at least equal and preferably lower cell count, but also milk better than colleagues who do not have DeLaval.

This is mainly because of the milking technique, and because the program DelPro, but most important: you as “cow watcher” are still central, the key to combine these posabilitys!

Look at it this way: DeLaval VMS and the programs give the passes and you score the goals!!

Take a look at two years tips after another and if you think that your results can get better let me know.

Do not be satisfied with an average result. We are not either !!
And if prices come under pressure again than you cannot …


January 2012:

Business check.

At most farms who work for several years with one or more robot(s) it is going good to very good.

And now it’s January of the new year 2012 and your intention will certainly  not be:  “to fall asleep”.

So a new year, a new mirror to look critically at your business, at your cows and trends to watch. How are you prepared, how is your herd developing, etc., etc.

Do you have an action plan (step by step) for the coming years?
Where is your next challenge?

Think of business development, personal labor input, production and especially the lifetime of cows.
A modern slogan is “sustainability”, also for your company.

Where do you stand in 2015, 2020, 2025, … ….?

Taking a look with us in that mirror often finds accents, sometimes even where you did not expect….