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Tip of the Month – April 2019


Flies transfer bacteria: How do you keep the place clean?

Most causative agents of udder inflammation can be divided into cow-bound bacteria and environment-related bacteria.

Bacteria related to the environment, such as the common Uberis Streptococci, is often spread through beds that are unclean.
Or uncleaned areas, such as those near or under water troughs, cow brushes, fences, etc. This dirt is taken back into the cubicles. The cow will lie down in it and spread it further.
Or Milk equipment / cluster  is not clean enough between milkings so could also play a role.

Cow-bound bacteria such as Staphylococci Aureus and Streptococci Agalaction spread from cow to cow or from milk to cow. So milk leakers, wet cubicles, and uncleaned milk utensils should be cleaned properly on the outside and the inside, since spreading could begin there.

But these cow-bound bacteria can also be passed on by flies!

And they are always in every puddle of milk….

Tackle fly control consequently in time. This is also very important for udder health.


And are you already grazing or are you planning to graze?

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