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Feed suppliers and Veterinarians


More and more customers from feed providers and  veterinarians have a robot. You want to give these farmers 100% good guidance.

DeLaval assumes that the farmer still knows the best his cows. By that we mean his individual cows, especially the cows who are, temporally maybe, from the average. That the farmer with his knowledge and with the help of his feed supplier makes good decisions on additional feeds, as well in terms of type, quantity and distribution. It is very important that with correct settings of VMS  the calculated expected results really will be achieved.

Also as veterinarian you ever see something happen that is not desirable and will not lead to the desired results. Or animal health, or on labor disciplines or on milk quality, or otherwise.
Or you simply have questions about the possibilities and reading the system.

Disappointing results can be caused by capabilities, or technical reasons, but as in any other business, lurks the risk of companyblindness .

So it may be good to brainstorm around certain companies with you as expert Feed supplier, Veterinarian, an expert on the VMS system and the farmer as expert from his own cows.


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