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Advisor dairy farms with DeLaval milking robot

June 2010 the first Tip of the Month was posted on this website.
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Why DeLaval:

DeLaval  has produced Robotic Milkers, the VMS (“Voluntary Milking System”) for over 20 years.

Robot is actually a strange word because especially a citizen will not exactly understand that with such a system a cow just gets more freedom and more opportunity to express its natural behavior. Therefore “Voluntary Milking System ‘ is a better name.

So: “If the cow could make her own choice, she knew what to do!”
(Als de koe zèlf mocht kiezen, dan wist ze het wel!)

My name is Harry Tuinier and it is my job to explain to the farmer how the VMS Robot and her supporting programs work. From the first day that the farmer starts with a Robot you get a lot of detailed information. After using the system for a  month or 2 or 3, the farmer is familiar with the most important basic information and will now be ready to learn the elaborate details and other functions of the system.

The DeLaval milking robot is technical so far and the knowledge of the technical guidance so large that VMS milking at thousands of companies is already well functioning.
And then we make the difference in utilizing your knowledge of your cow and the (very) many, but especially for you interesting features of the system.

And that’s what fascinates me!
A company working  with a DeLaval VMS is supposed to have a better milk production and to have a lower OCC…..!
See: “Successful milking with a VMS”

In 2000, after 20 years of being an independent dairy farmer in Elahuizen, The Netherlands, I decided to stop milking and do other things.
I soon came back into my ‘old’ working area because not only do I have an interest in cows but also feel at home with farmers and speak their language.
And as a farmer myself, my hobby was:  cows!  Both the breeding and care of cattle have my close attention.

It was soon clear that with nutrition and care there can be achieved significantly faster results than just breeding and as such it is at least as important for the highest quality livestock. A good and viable breeding program is achieved only with good animal husbandry. All this is needed to produce healthy, efficient livestock.

In my time as a farmer I have done much studying and have tried many possibilities with cows and calves through care and feeding to increase the productivity on my farm. That experience along with my current knowledge of the VMS, will be very useful in achieving good results for you through on- farm visits and advising.

Then since 2000,  very different activities I have carried out, for farmers but also for many other companies. This has resulted in a broad perspective, as well on farms as it’s agricultural surroundings.

Most company visits are requested by DeLaval, or a dealer, mainly for new users, but also you as a farmer who has worked longer with the VMS can ask for a visit anytime.

It will be my pleasure to offer you my service.