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Tips for the office space


February 2021:

Where is the USB Stick with Backup?

Recently there was a fire on a farm.
Office and engine room completely burned out.

The farmer had regularly changed USB stick with backup and placed it in a cupboard in the office ….    That was already very neat, but now also burned.
All data from backup, cow information, teat positions, … gone!

Make sure you regularly put a current backup on a stick, but also store it in a different place!


October 2019:

Having a clean computer screen.

A clean screen makes your work flow a lot easier. A computer in the barn is easily a whole lot dirtier than one in the house. Not only the dust, but also fly poop can make it difficult to read information on the screen. Unconsciously, this might be a good reason to spend less time looking at your computer!

To prevent the screen from getting dirty, it is advisable to put a cover or towel over the screen after use, so that flies and dirt are almost without a chance.

If the screen is already dirty, it would be advised to use a microfiber towel with a bit of vinegar to clean the screen. It is important to turn the screen off first, the screen must be cold, and to dry it off afterwards (especially in the corners). Be sure not to use glassex, ammoniac, acetone or alcohol: these substances are too aggressive for the screen.

It is not good when you think: “Is this a period, a comma or fly poop? Which number or which cow number is this?”

A clean screen would not only make it nicer for you to read things on the screen, but also for the people who are watching with you.
And lastly, if you actually like looking at your screen, it also means that you’ll see things earlier and be able to proactively act on certain situations.

This also means a reduction in mistakes!


April 2012:

Back-up on the right place.

There is another computer from a VMS stolen ….
So farmers: Be warned!

Of course by trying to keep burglars outside your door, but also change regularly the USB stick with backup and store one  in house or at least not round the PC !

That was the case and all backup information was also gone ….


March 2012:

Easy reading on PC and Touchscreen.

Many “less young” farmers have old reading glasses laying at the computer in the farm office.

If you cannot look good, not easy, it is logical that you don’t like to study the PC and the programs of the VMS deeper and for instance you might mis important information about the functioning of the VMS or about an individual cow.

Please note that reading from the computer usually requires a half strength less than when you read in a book or newspaper!

For reading book or newspaper +2? Than on PC +1½!
This means in practice that you have to sit less close to read.

And reading glasses for a few Pounds, that might not be the inhibiting factor …!?!