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DeLaval Startup day


Start-up Service, for first day milking with VMS.

Since 2001, Harry Tuinier is much involved in the first day a farmer starts up with a DeLaval milking robot.

Most farmers expect the first day with a milking robot is an exciting day, because there is much bustle and preparation preceded and now it will happen! We know that farming with an automatic milking system always brings more change with it than often is provided and chances are that you as a farmer, including through the bustle of workers and many people around you, lose the review of the day (days). You have much information to perceive.

Just at this point we start our start-up first day milking service!  In the Netherlands DeLaval sends us to all the starts-up. As well you as your cows have to learn a very new system. It can be therefore a “stressing” while!

We come to help these first days and support the farmers in this busy time literally with “Word and Deed”. What to you as farmer is new and strange, is for us daily work. Several start-up milkers are VMS users themselves and know what support these days means. Through our years of experience and 1000 VMS ses further, we know how important it is to keep rest in the barn, to guide the cows calm in the robot and to explain the farmer dosed the system to get confident to the VMS.
Rest is very important, both for the farmer and the cow!
The start-up day appears in most cases a much more relaxed day to take place then expected:
“It was just a nice day!”

This intensive supervision can be organized for the first day ≈ 22 hours and in the second night there is one of these milking service ≈ 10 hours on your business. So the farmers themselves have a few nights to sleep while the cows learn the first steps of their new routine.
Mostly the days before were already stressfull also having a bit more rest and sleep ensures a smoother start-up

And he is much fitter for to take in the information and take over the lead as soon as possible.
But the amount of help is to your choice.

This artikel about our Start up Milking service: “Einmelkservice” is written in the German Breeders Magazine “Milchrind”


The benefits of our coaching start in brief:

* Professional help (word and deed)
* Very intensive counseling (1 day and 2 nights)
* Faster habituation, because known earlier with system
* Fewer hours for technicians who can focus on their part
* Farmer is released, less stress and more confidence
* Customer earlier satisfied, also because “after Sales” Management

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