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For schools and farm carers


Opportunities for training Automatic milking for Students and for Farm Carers:

Approximately 25% of Dutch cows are now milked with an automatic milking system.

It is therefore increasingly likely that people will be asked to work at farms where the cows are milked with an automatic milking system.

Pupils from AOCs, as well as (AB) farm carers or self-employed people who work a lot on agricultural farms will in the future increasingly be asked on farms with automatic milking systems to replace the farmer in case of illness or vacation or otherwise.

That is why we now offer courses to make you familiar with these systems.

With this course we learn to operate the milking robot, but also to be able to find the most important information in the computer and to enter the most important data.


If desired, these courses can be given without preference for brand and can be done for multiple brands.