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Successful VMS milking on your business


A computer man thinks: “Wow, what can the system do much with a cow!”
A cow man thinks: “Wow, what can my cow do a lot with the system!”

Especially with that last thought, we try to bring you the best results when milking with a VMS to achieve.

When a farmer moves from conventional milking to milking with one or more milking robots there will change quite a lot. You make a choice for where to place, where in the farm or maybe building new barn? And then, which robot.
It is a choice for years and miking on a dairy farm is the most important work there is. This is work you do not trust to everyone.
You want a reliable machine that milks the way that you mean: 24 hours a day 7 days a week. And you will treat the cow in the VMS and after VMS visit your way!
Basically, the VMS does the “stupid” work for you, hanging under the teat cups, but she gives lots of data and information back for you to work “smarter”.

A big change after commissioning is the pattern of work, because the method of farming that you may have had for years is different now. The much more flexible schedule is a major advantage but again requires a certain discipline. This is not a problem for most farmers but you have to get used to.
A second major change is the fact that now it is not the farmer but in fact the cow’s determines their own action, when going milking, and when eaten, sleeping, etc. That makes a cow at a milking robot actually needs to be be fitter and more motivated than in the old situation.
It is an advantage when you can feel a bit like how a cow may think ….

The successful use of VMS depends on many things. A new user of a DeLaval VMS in Holland also receives a half-day “deeper” explanation of the system. DeLaval VMS hires Harry Tuinier for every user who has purchased a VMS after 2006. The visit is around the thirth to fifth month after startup.

During this visit we explain all about the capabilities of the robot and the for your business interesting setting. We look first in the farm and then we look at the touchscreen on VMS and walk through the main buttons. Then we get behind the computer, especially to explain the possibilities and underlying thoughts.

It is now increasingly clear that in a half day is not always all the information and explanations feasible. Or in one time to remember.

If you are longer running VMS, with a visit you can reflect your experience to the latest knowledge. Partly through his own experience as a farmer and now over 500 company visits Harry can for your company be a very useful sparring partner to improve your results. Especially when you work a longer time with a VMS it is good to talk about your way of working and the results through it. Also just walking between the cows, ‘reading’ cows, are both by the knowledge of the individual farmer from his cows plus the knowledge of Harry, brings often recognizable things on the agenda. These are translated into advice or, even different, settings.

The software offers many options through screens quickly and easily comprehensible information so you can read and discover more exceptions to the cow ration.
Farmers who bought a robot earlier have received (Delpro) updates later and they may want more explanation.

Knowing the possibilities with the VMS expresses great clarity and good use always means a higher return on investment which entails automatic milking!

With the right tools and a good policy round the VMS a cow must produce more,
And:  last longer!!