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Cooperation with DeLaval Dealers.


For DeLaval Dealers.

Although the DeLaval VMS is already more than 20 years on the market, new experience still continues. Because there is every day new experience. In addition, there are so many possibilities that many dealers and representatives, sellers, like assistance from practitioners to inform potential customers well about these opportunities and practical experiences. Some possibilities, or even impossibilities, precisely strengths good working with an automatic milking system for a farmer who knows that he has not only average cows but wants to succeed with all his cows!!

So we can explain to potential customers, if necessary through programs and presentations, why the DeLaval VMS is a good choice.

The management program  DelPro  is an interesting program with a lot more features and has meanwhile already received several updates. Especially in the last updates are the ideas of programmers of course, and many ideas of mechanics, but also ideas and experience from practicing farmers added!

One of the great advantages from VMS DeLaval is the possibility that also the older VMS can be updated with developments.

However, we have noticed in practice that many farmers have to get used to this yet again. Some things are in a different place, and some new features they don’t know. It is handy to invite those users in small groups together, perhaps on the farm from a user of this new program / update.

Furthermore, there are dealers who organize for all their customer VMS users an information day about the uses, options and possibilities with the robot.
Here too adding  practical knowledge and experience is very important.

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