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Tip of the Month – June 2017


Spraying on the teat – June 2017

It seems logical, but the disinfectant spray that you apply on the teats after every milking session must applied correctly. Now that the fans are blowing at full speed and the windbreakers are completely open, it’s not uncommon that the spray is blown away before it even hits the teat.

If the spray doesn’t find itself on the teats, look at why that might be the case. If it’s the fans’ fault then remove or reposition them.
However, that might result in quite an uncomfortable situation because the flies would be a terrible nuisance underneath the cows.

It sometimes also happens that the spray nozzle, a little or completely, is blocked.
And the spray track can not be adjusted properly either, the technician can adjust this.

In the case that this issue happens just by some cows, I’d suggest chancing the spray settings for these particular cows to “Normal” or even “Economic”.

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