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Tip of the Month – January 2021


What is needed for the highest daily production per VMS.

We often hear interesting stories about the average daily production of a milking robot.
Sometimes 1500 liters per day, sometimes more than 2000, some regularly reach 2500 liters and a few are milking even more than 3000 liters per robot per day.

What do you think is necessary and important to achieve a high production per milking robot?
Here I would like to add experiences and practical tips from you, so I hope for responses from you:

If this is successful, I would also like to make a list with more tips from you, for example about increasing the number of visits to the milking robot, keeping the somatic cell count low, …

Some examples of mine what is needed for high daily productions per VMS:

  • High-yielding livestock, high persistence
  • High quality roughage.
  • Pay extra attention that newly calved heifers learn to visit the VMS soon after calving and are given time / space for this.
  • Many cows with 2+ lactations

It is therefore the intention that this list is getting longer.
I would like to add your practical tips and experiences to this!

Added by you:

  • Punctually claw care policy (for dry period and after negative energy balance period) by the skilled person.
  • Short interval between calves
  • Reward high-yielding cows (concentrate, space, …)
  • Often push feed, also at night
  • Generous, comfortable lying places

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