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Tip of the Month – February 2021


Where is the USB Stick with Backup?

Recently there was a fire on a farm.
Office and engine room completely burned out.

The farmer had regularly changed USB stick with backup and placed it in a cupboard in the office ….
That was already very neat, but now also burned.

All data from backup, cow information, teat positions, … gone!

Make sure you regularly put a current backup on a stick, but also store it in a different place! (Tip of the Month – April 2012)

And pay attention to the Tips for the winter!

This site has also paid attention to this.
(Tip of the Month – December 2010 and January 2012)
A heating element is important.
And in any case make sure that no or minimal cleaning is required at night.
Many milkings, possibly earlier milk permission, and minimum rinses.
So milk the separation cows earlier and later, and prevent cold (east) wind / air under VMS.
Where we are happy with a lot of air circulation in the VMS space on summer days, we are not like that on freezing days ..

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