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Tip of the Month – February 2022


Main cleaning, often enough with acid.

After a cow has been milked with an antibiotic treatment, we advise to do a head cleaning.
Especially if this cow is milked just before a scheduled cleaning, this will not cost any extra time, because then the cleaning scheduled for daily times can be skipped.
And does the cleaning take place thoroughly after such a treated cow?

However, it is then cleaned with an alkaline cleaning agent.
And then a planned cleaning with acid might be skipped for a few days!

Make sure that, especially if you do not have very soft water (limescale), sufficient cleaning is done with acid. Usually every 2-3 days.
This can be checked in DelPro by:  System  =>  Cleaning Monitoring  =>  Cleaning Overview.
But of course also on the jerry can with acid if it empties too slowly.

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