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Tip of the Month – October 2021


Update animal records on a daily basis.

For most dairy farmers it is the most natural thing in the world to immediately put all data, calving, heats, inseminations, drying off, treatments, etc. into the computer.
Then you are not only always up to date, the system can also provide much more and correct information via the well-known lists and overviews to properly manage your company and cows.
Keeping a good cow calendar provides a lot of information. Also if you decide not to inseminate a cow again and put it on Cull Decision, lists remain clear.

But sometimes it is not done because the farmer has, for example, Management Program and that data may not automatically go to DelPro.
Then it often comes down to both programs being half used.
If your program gives also good information it is okay but otherwise it would be a great pity if we miss the clear information that DelPro can offer!

Then get over it and make sure DelPro has all the information. You will enjoy this afterwards! Then just use the info from your Management program to put the data in DelPro.

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