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Tip of the Month – March 2018


The 2 minute check follow up

The first three columns of the 2-minute-check in the status screen show which cow:
1. is too late; 2. has not given enough milk; 3. has done an incomplete milking.

Most are obvious and are used by ample amount of farmers.

The cow monitor shows other information such as which cow:
1. has higher or new conductivity; 2. have a high or new(!) MDi alert

Also these statistics give are generally welcomed by farmers en used to follow a cows health.

The third colom in the cow monitor that is used for the 2-Minute-Check shows:
3. which cow has varying visiting behavior.
That can be seen in the Average Milking Interval

If you sort the cows by using this colom then the cows that visit most often can be found at the top or bottom. If the indicator beside it is green it means that the cow has visited the VMS the last 10 times with no more than 12 hours in between.

What should be noted is cows that have an good average milking interval (e.g. 8 – 9 hours) yet have a red indicator. This means that she now was  later  than 12 hours since the last milking. Why?

Have these cows been milking for less than 50 days   =>  Rumen Acedosis?
Have these cows been milking between 50-100 days  =>  Heat?
Have these cows been milking more than 100 days     => Claw / hoof / leg problems?

It could be anything, but it is defintley strange behavior!

Also in this column is often as the first indicator a cow found with a new deviation.

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