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Tip of the month – November 2016


Efficiency Sponge.

The VMS has an integrated sponge where the camera passes for cleaning purposes.

We notice sometimes that the sponge is not very clean, but more often we find that the sponge doesn’t brush the camera right.

Note  that  the  camera  should  hit  the  sponge perfectly.

Not  pressing to much because  all  it  will  do  is press  and not wipe the  camera  and  damage itself.  Likewise, make  sure  that  the  sponge is not touched too thin, that doesn’t help either.

Additionally,  the  sponge  is often set  to  wipe  too  high  which  causes  the cap  to  be flattened (over the Lasers?),  which  in  return  causes  the  lasers and camera  not  to  be brushed  sufficiently and the sponge  can’t  clean the lower part of the camera.  If  the camera touches the sponge too  low,  it  will mostly brush  the  screws, thus missing the lasers, and still wear out quickly..

In both of these cases the sponge is worn out without having done its job well.

On the touchscreen in the menu Teachen you can adjust these settings with the joystick. It is smart to do first an Endpoint Calibration before adjusting other setting.

It is also good to program in PC that the VMS cleans the camera after every milking, it takes no time and gives a clear view on the teats..

The more times a day you rinse the sponge, the cleaner it is, the better job he makes!

(Washing your boots?  =>  wash the sponge!)


PS Read the tip from December 2012. The same issue occurred in this year!

A lot of grass silage has been won, so much has been grown. Quite different from 2012,  now with more sun, but just like then, grass silage has less energy, so it’s hard to get good milk from it.

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