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Tip of the Month – August 2020


The Feeder Position

With the VMS V300, the teat positions no longer need to be adjusted. With the VMS Classic, that is precisely the moment to, in addition to the teat positions, position of the feed trough is set for a new cow or after calving. This setting is (afterwards) only adjustable by the farmer. So it is still important to keep an eye on it afterwards. With the VMS V300 it is no longer important for to find the teats, but similarly, too much or especially too little space in the VMS is not good either.

With the VMS Classic, leaving too much space in the VMS box means it will be more difficult to find teats, but too tight is not good either.

So keep paying attention: is the cow comfortable in the VMS? It is also possible to check whether the feed trough is in the correct position via VMS Animal Settings.

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