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Tip of the month – May 2016


Better milking empty an problem udder / quarter

It  occasionally happens that after an mastitis infection or another cause, a teat never fully recovers. Thus,  resulting in it not coming back to  normal production.
Also, it could be more difficult milking empty this udder quarter .

The default settings will sometimes cause the teat to be taken off earlier because the flow of milk is, even briefly, too low.

Such a quarter will be removed too soon, and will dry up.

Of course, this is not the idea.

The options you  have now are: select on the  Animal card  (Configuration) the “Base take-off decision on lower flow” and maybe too “Extended pre-milking time” (she gets more time to let  the milk flow).
Also, you have (by Cleaning) the possibility for teat cleaning to “Clean twice”, because that stimulates also often the milk flow.

But the most important thing is that you discover on time that this can happen!

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