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Tip of the month – March 2016


Efficious Milkings

Increasing the capacity of a VMS is always interesting.

In retrospect, each milking costs time. Thus, each milking costs money. So, a VMS visit must be efficient. In the Report MILKINFO => MILKING PERFORMANCE you see, among other things, which cows use the most time Milking Duration but also which cows give the least yield per milking (= average milk yield per milking from the past 7 days.)

Little milk per visit is not efficient!
Also, take a look at “Animal” => Group Milkings (be sure to set it for 24 hours) and then sort according to milking yield. It should be self-explanatory that we would rather not see any milkings under 5 liters. This, of course, is theoretical.
But, one dairy has more than the other. And many of these milkings are often from the same cows. Often, these milking jobs are incomplete and don’t let yourself be appalled at the minutes this milking has taken in the next column…
If these cows have just calved, or you have a good explanation then it’s fine. It will pass.
Otherwise, could you put them dry?
Is the milk permission for these cows set well?
Do they need to come less often or do they need more time between milkings after an incomplete milk job?
Are they, almost, three teated?


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