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What can we do for study groups


Study Groups.

Many farmers have already experience with the robot but wish to inform themselves with
colleagues to “brainstorm”. Also, there is a risk of “corporate blindness” because very often there are little amount of colleagues in your neighbourhood with who experience can be shared. Mostly you are used to certain ways of seeing and to some lists, but perhaps it may be easier or better.

And of course there are always new users who want to learn the experience from colleagues around the VMS. Also here, the presence of Harry Tuinier and his knowledge can be valuable.
In recent years the presentations for groups had the theme:
“More milk and more lactations with a VMS”.

The last year, with groups where I have been more often, farmers had to fill in a questionnaire with ca. 70 questions. These questions and answers have been incorporated into a PowerPoint and were presented.
This gave very interesting discussions.
Learning began at home by filling in the questionnaire, there is exactly written where farmers can find what is asked.

Also last year we started organizing Claw Care Trainings.

On our farm visits we see a lot of problems with claws. And that limits visits to VMS, to feedlot, reduces resistance, etc., etc.

So with a professional Hooftrainer we organized courses for claw care.
Because: Claw trimming is not the same as claw care!

We have a course for beginners and one for advanced claw carers.

For beginners you must think of 4 days, from ca. 10.00 – 16.00 hour.
Advanced carers course is 2 days.

Ask for information!


Knowledge is the only thing that increases when you share it

(Dr. Joachim Hasenmaier)