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Tip of the Month – November 2020


Every newly born heifer calf is a potential 100,000 liter cow….

That sounds like someone is saying “dream on”.
Because there are a lot of links in the chain along the way that can break too soon.
Can you identify weak links within your company?
Rearing – housing – first year – start of first lactation – perhaps too few cows calving for the third time – condition – claws – nutrition – housing / cow comfort.
Good rearing produces well-developed heifers that can calve at 22-24 months of age.
That is where the basis lies.

We want to take good care of the old cows. But these have also been young.
And to get old cows we have to take good care of the young stock and the younger cows by giving them plenty of space.

Go through the different stages, links, at your farm with a (feed) advisor, veterinarian.

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