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Tip of the Month – February 2020


Make use of the “Help” Function

Previously, a thick folder with manuals was given with the delivery of a milking robot. However, with an update, a paper manual is of course outdated and is no longer always correct.

Instead of giving a new manual every time, it was decided to place this manual under the Help function in DelPro. Therefore, it is always in line with your current DelPro version.
It is at the very top right => Help.

If you click on “Help” and choose “? Help ” you can access the Help files. Under “Contents” you will find the entire manual and all off the help files.

Under “Search” you can enter a word or term and the help function will show all places where this keyword appears.

Under “List Topics” you will find all places where the keyword is found and if you click on a option here you will find the explanation from the manual under “Display”.

By clicking on that you will receive many answers to possible questions.

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